Become a Driving Instructor with Driving Force

Driving Instructor Tests

There are 3 tests that you must pass to become a Driving Instructor:

  1. Theory Test
  2. Driving Ability Test
  3. Test of Instructional Ability

You must pass them in this order and you cannot apply for the next test until you have passed the previous one. There are no limits to the number of times you can attempt the first  test but the second and third ones must be passed within 3 attempts. Driving Force we are commited to excellence and strive to get you through each test 1st time.

Part 1 - Theory Test

Part 1 of the Driving Instructor test consists of a theory test carried out on a touch-screen computer. The test is made up of 100 multi-choice questions and Driving Force Training Ltd can provide you with all the necessary training materials including CD ROMS, Module guides and the Driving Force Helpline for any  help you may need. The overall pass mark is 85% however, candidates must achieve 80% or more in any one of the four "bands" being:

  • Road Procedure
  • Traffic Signs
  • Car Control
  • Instructional Techniques

Additionally there is a hazard perception test which must be taken and passed at the same time (no partial passes are allowed) again all necessary learning material can provided by Driving Force Training Ltd as part of the training course.

Part 2 - Driving Ability Test

Part two of the qualifying test for potential driving instructors is a practical assessment of your driving ability.

Candidates must show competence, demonstrating a well-planned, positive and progressive driving style, driving in a brisk and business like manner. They will need to complete six set manoeuvres and a period of independent driving. The test lasts for around an hour and requires a high standard of competence with a maximum of six minor driver errors permitted with no serious or dangerous errors allowed.

Once you have passed this test you will have the option to take 40 hours Part 3 instructional training and then start to work as a trainee instructor for Driving Force Training Ltd. You will be given all the pupils that you need to keep  you as busy as you would like to be. You may use your own car, provided it is suitably insured and fitted with dual controls, or Driving Force Training Ltd can provide you with a brand new Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi at a competetive monthly fee. All business cards, lesson planners etc required to carry out your business will be provided by the company.

Alternitively you can opt to continue training for the part 3 test.

Part 3 - Instructional Ability

Part 3 of the Driving Instructors test is a practical role-play based test of instructional ability in two 30 minute phases. Candidates will be  asked to show their knowledge and ability by giving practical instruction to the examiner, who will play the role of a pupil.

Please note: There are no restrictions on the number of times that the candidate may attempt Part 1. Parts 2 and 3 must be passed within two years of the successful Part 1 attempt.Only three attempts at Part 2 and part 3 are permitted within the two year period.

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