Become a Driving Instructor with Driving Force

How Do I Become An Instructor with Driving Force?

This is a question often asked by individuals seeking a change in their career and a new beginning in life and opens up the door to endless possibilities and opportunities. Becoming a quality driving instructor is truly open to everyone especially those who have a driving  force to succeed and a practical take on life.

In our experience, the most suitable candidates are those that have  the ability to interact well with others and have the skills to  build good relationships and communicate effectively with clients from all walks of life. We believe that this is far more important than the strictly technical aspects of driving which we will guide you through as your one-to-one training progresses. It's easy to see why so many people want to be a Driving Force driving instructor and  take control of their future. If you want to become one of these people, we can help you become fully qualified.If you think you've got what it takes, Contact us Today!

An Introduction

The following information will give you a brief introduction to Driving Force, our instructor training programme.

Whatever the reason behind it, the decision to change your career is a life changing one and so needs  careful consideration and planning - this particularly important if you plan to undertake ADI Training.

The advice on this website is offered independently and free of charge simply because we feel that we have a duty to share our knowledge about the driving instructor training  business and help to protect you from some of the pitfalls. This could be the difference between a rewarding career as a driving instructor and an expensive mistake.

You can also find useful advice from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) by logging on to their website at

A Cautionary Tale...

  • As many as 90% of those who pay £1000's in fees for driving instructor training never qualify.
  • Not all newspaper and TV job opportunities for driving instructors are what they might at first appear to be. When you go to see a company they are NOT offering you a job, no matter how they 'dress it up' - they are  selling you a training course.
  • It is possible to earn £30,000 plus per year as a driving instructor
  • Some companies have restrictive refund policies or tie you in to franchise contracts that will leave you earning less than the minimum wage or working excessively long hours to make ends meet.
  • Just because a company is ORDIT Registered there is no guarantee that you will receive good quality ADI training to help you to become a driving instructor.
  • Many of those who do qualify, leave the industry again within four years

Doing some research now won't cost you a penny and may save you  £1000's. However, not everything about becoming an ADI is negative and with a little help from the right training provider, it is possible to embark upon a long and rewarding new career.

With the prospect of being your own boss, choosing your own working  hours and doing something that you will enjoy, the chances are that you are quite excited about the prospects and opportunities before you. And so you should be ...

You may be planning to be a driving instructor for years to come, maybe until you retire; with this in mind, it's a good idea to fully understand the qualifying process, what working as an instructor will entail and what you might hope to earn.

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